Ronax 500 is now available to the 'common' man

Ronax 500 is now available to the 'common' man

Snapshot: The German company had got millions of hearts racing across the world in early June this year when it announced the Ronax 500, which is now made available to those who can afford it

We had done a story almost a month ago (which can be read here) where we had told you guys about a motorcycle that was almost a replica of Valentino Rossi's Honda NSR500 on which he won the last 500cc championship that ever took place. That time, Ronax had unveiled the specifications, the price and the total number of motorcycle they were going to produce of the V4, Two-stroke, 500cc Vampire.

Now the German company has announced that the 500cc premier class replica is now available to the 'masses'. The bike will be made to order and work will begin once you have placed the order with 30% advance payment. The build time of this masterpiece is approximately 6 months. And if you somehow managed to miss the piece we had done in June, only 46 of such motorcycles will be made making it a prized possession for those who manage to get one.

Oh, and by the way, the € 1,00,000 of price tag + 19% of Value Added Tax does not include shipping charges. 

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on 2014-07-12 07:59:54

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