Royal Enfield Continental GT sets a new land speed record

Royal Enfield Continental GT sets a new land speed record

Snapshot: Royal Enfield Continental GT sets a new speed record of 157.2kmph, in the Speed Week event held in Bonneville.

Many of us may already be aware of the Speed Week, which was organised in Bonneville recently. The Royal Enfield Continental GT took park in the 500 MPSS category and clocked an unofficial speed of 157.2kmph. (MPSS breaks down to 'Modified Pushrod partially Streamlined'). Nadine de Freitas, who rode the bike stated that the bike was heavily modified. The parts which witnessed upgrades include cylinder head, pistons, camshafts, throttle bodies, and the exhaust. The bike churned out a power output of 60PS, whereas the compression ratio could jack up at 12:1. Play the video for details: 

RE Continental GT Speed Record

"The Continental GT equips an exceptional frame as well as a great bracking system, while the rear suspension is again an advanced one. The machine comes with the capability of handling extra horse power if a biker wishes to modify it at all", said Matt Capri, a bike performance tuner and a former racing champion. "The performance based modifications are not that costly and the bike buffs can easily afford", added Matt. 

Interesting to know is that many bikers and bike tuners from across the world attend the Salf Run event in order to test the power of their machines. This event is held in the Utah state of USA, in which not just the bikers, but car as well as truck drivers also take part.

The Royal Enfield Continental GT houses a 535cc, single cylinder, fuel injection powertrain. The engine churns out 29.1bhp of power and 44Nm of torque proving the Continental GT the most powerful among the RE line-up. The Royal Enfield Continental GT can be bought in India for Rs. 1.84lakh(ex-showroom, Delhi). 

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