Royal Enfield readies itself to go to Tibet once again

Royal Enfield readies itself to go to Tibet once again

Snapshot: The second of Royal Enfield's Tour of Tibet will take place between September 7 and 20

Royal Enfield is all set to take 30 riders on a journey covering 2,380 kilometres in 14 days with an average altitude of 4,500 metres (14,700+ feet). Royal Enfield also plans to conquer Everest Base Camp at 5,200 metres (17,000+ feet) which is one of the most challenging motorcycle rides in the whole of world.

The ride will start from the capital city of Nepal - Kathmandu - and will provide the thrill of motorcycling like never before. This love of exploring the unexplored will bring riders together from across the world who will share their passion of travelling through Himalayas on a Royal Enfield motorcycle. Nepal is the only route to enter Tibet via road, where the beautiful roads, a number of hairpin bends and some off-roading stretches will make sure that the feeling the riders get is nothing short of attaining nirvana. Riding through four high mountain passes, the untouched Tibet will offer one-of-its-kind experience to the riders. This would be the perfect moment for the individuals to test not only themselves, but also their machines. 

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