Royal Enfield records 42 per cent growth in the month of April 2016

Royal Enfield records 42 per cent growth in the month of April 2016

Snapshot: The company sold over 47,037 motorcycles in the domestic market and exported near 1,160 motorcycles worldwide.

The Chennai based motorcycle making company, Royal Enfield, has recently announced their sales figures for the month of April. The company continues its growth and sold over 48,197 motorcycles all-over in domestic as international markets. When compared to last year’s corresponding month, the compared recorded an over-all 42 per cent growth in the month of April. Royal Enfield sold over 47,037 motorcycles within the country on the other hand over 1160 motorcycles were exported to the markets outside India.

The export figures recorded 45 per cent of growth taking April 2015’s figures into consideration. In April 2015, Royal Enfield, exported nearly 800 motorcycles where as in the same month of 2016 the higher demand resulted in the export of 1160 motorcycles.

The new Himalayan by Royal Enfield has gained a lot of attention from bike enthusiasts. Himalayan has received a good response from the Indian market and apart from other models even the new Himalayan is working wonders for the company. Share your views in the comment section below and do hit us with your queries at

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