Royal Enfield Surpasses Harley-Davidson in Global Sales

Royal Enfield Surpasses Harley-Davidson in Global Sales

Snapshot: Our Old Guys at Chennai have gone past the Milmaukee based chaps in global sales!

They are very much alike, these two. Both more than a century old, both deeply rooted to their history, both has a line up of motorcycles that pays heed to the olden times. Both use old classic designs to produce modern bikes with modern technology. Above anything else, both have earned impeccable respect and awe in the minds of millions of riders who wish to hit the road on the motorcycles produced by these two iconic brands. Thus, it is inevitable that whenever one of these brands are talked about, some parallels will be drawn with the other.

The crucial difference in these two heavy-weights is primarily their engines, rather the size of their engines. Royal Enfield offers up bikes in the sub-700cc category, whereas the Milwaukee-born Harley, serves up bikes that have an engine displacement of over 700cc. The Chennai based Royal Enfield, has sold over 3 lakh units in the year 2014, as compared to Harley-Davidson which sold 2.67 lakh units over the same period. This shouldn't surprise many as, RE has been growing at incredibly fast rates since it shifted to all new UCE (Unit Construction Engines) back in 2010 and since then it has never looked back. 

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