Royal Enfield to launch Bullet Electra 500 in 2016 Second Half!

Royal Enfield to launch Bullet Electra 500 in 2016 Second Half!

Snapshot: After a long wait, we will finally see the Bullet Electra 500 in 2016 second half!!

To all the lovers of the iconic thump machines from the old, great news arrives from Chennai that Royal Enfield is planning to launch a 500cc variant of its hugely successful Bullet Electra 350cc in the second half of 2016. Reported by our friends at RushLane, the Electra 500 will carry forward the same engine that does duty on the Bullet 500 and it will be in the same state of tune as well, something which we reckon is not a bad thing since the Bullet 500 is probably among the smoothest of the RE bikes in the century old motorcycle manufacturers portfolio.

Aesthetics wise, the Electra 500 would be more or less similar in design to the Electra 350cc, with almost no graphics and big company and the model chrome logos on the tank and the side panels. Such basic paint schemes make the bike look bigger and according to us way better than the standard Bullet 350 and we reckon, the Bullet Electra 500 would be a similar alternative to the Bullet 500 as well.

Expect new colour options over the Bullet 500's offerings, chrome fenders, a newer taillight design and a different set of tyres, though we expect Royal Enfield to plonk n a fatter rear tyre just like what they have done on the Bullet 500 as against a rather thin looking set on the Bullet 350 and the Electra 350.

Also, expect to see the other hardware listed on the Bullet 500 to be carried forward to the upcoming Bullet Electra 500 such as, single downtube frame with the engine acting  as a stress member, front telescopic fork system with 130 mm of travel, and a rear suspension that has a pretty decent 80 mm of travel while being gas charged as well.

On the engine spec side, as already discussed, the engine from the Bullet 500 will do the duty on the Electra 500 and it is a single cylinder long stroke 499cc thumper which is air cooled and is twin sparked. Though not fuel injected like the units found on the Classic 500 and the Thunderbird 500, the engine is known to be silky smooth with probably the best gearbox in among the entire Royal Enfield line up and produces 26.1bhp@5100rpm while the peak torque arrives at 40.9Nm@3800rpm.

Stay Tuned for more updates regarding the same!  


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on 2016-01-04 11:16:39

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