Royal Enfield's 2015 Tour Of Rajasthan Starts on 22nd Feb

Royal Enfield's 2015 Tour Of Rajasthan Starts on 22nd Feb

Snapshot: 5th Edition of Tour of Rajasthan starts on 22nd Feb, 2015.....

The Royal Princely state of Rajasthan is a spectacular place to visit by road, from its ancient mountains to vast flat plans, to the a desert one side and a dense forest covering on the other side, Rajasthan is one riders paradise. Royal Enfield, known for its range of tourers that is deeply rooted to the old colonial times are and have always been a perfect suit to this State of our country full of Royalties and old forts and an eternal air to it.

Royal Enfield understands the very fact and the love people of Rajasthan shower to the Chennai based brand, and by the riders who ride their RE's through the state's incredibly well built road network. For the same Royal Enfield organises its 'Tour of Rajasthan' to celebrate the state and the riders love affair with its products and touring. This year's Tour of Rajasthan is scheduled to begin on 22nd Feb, 2015 and will end on March 11, 2015.

The Trip will begin from Jaipur from the company owned outlet and the rider participants astride their Royal Enfield bikes, will travel to Mahansar on 23rd after which they will head to Bikaner on 24th, Jamba on 25th and Jaisalmer on 26th. 27th will see riders in Sam followed by Jodhpur in 28th. 1st of March is a rest day at Jodhpur while on March 2nd riders will head to Kumbalghar and then on to Ajmer on 3rd to finally head back to Jaipur on day 11 on the 4th March. During this 5th edition of the now famous Tour of Rajasthan, the riders will tackle the most treacherous of terrain, sand dunes and hills, woods and dried salt lake bed. They will also get to see the battlefields of the 1971 war and pay homage to Bullet Baba, a sort of pilgrim for Royal Enfield riders over the world.

What is interesting to note is that, this year, participants will be allowed to bring a pillion rider. All riders will require to have a valid driving license and will need to carry vehicle registration, tax and insurance papers valid for the duration of the trip. Medical insurance is also required for both rider and pillion rider.


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