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Royal Enfield's new logo spotted on some of the recent bikes being delivered

Snapshot: Royal Enfield changes its logo. But is it good enough to keep up with the times?

We stumbled upon some of posts this morning and we decided to dig it up a little more. Royal Enfield has felt the need of the hour and decided to join many of its competitors by changing its logo. Well, we won't comment on the new logo as it is highly subjective and what we feel here, you might feel completely other way round.

With the launch of the Unit Construction Engine (UCE), new avatars of Thunderbird, Standard and the new model - Continental GT - Royal Enfield is back in the game. Having a new logo was not imminent, but is not surprising either. new logo is very 'flowy' in nature and probably, depicts the flow of Royal Enfield with time. The recent models that are being delivered to the customers have these logos as some of the pictures we saw said. But the only thing we feel is that the change shouldn't have been so subtle. From a distance, you might just overlook it. If the logo had to be changed, it should have been too radical or too stark to make it impossible to avoid. But again, as we said, it is highly subjective and not all might agree to what we think or say here.

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