Say hello to the Turbocharged Devilish 60bhp KTM RC390

Say hello to the Turbocharged Devilish 60bhp KTM RC390

Snapshot: The turbocharged KTM RC390 by Performance Technologies is one thing to die for.

The KTM RC390 is already a bonkers machine, what if you get 30% power boost with no weight increment? Holy cow! Yes, Performance Technologies showcased a turbocharged KTM RC390 at the Qatar Motor Show 2016. While the actual power figures are not credibly revealed but we expect it to be somewhere in lines with the earlier turbo charged Yamaha R3 which produced 60bhp.

The founder of the Performance Technologies, Nicola Bragagnola is also working on to turbocharge the green counterpart, the Kawasaki Ninja 300. The team has boosted the power figures by simply modifying the intake system of the bikes and hence no major changes were carried on to the basic platform. The hiked up power figures are introduced within the same Rev Limit as set by the factory and hence we hope these bikes will be homologated for the street use as well.

The major league members who worked on this project includes Mario Lega, Allesandro Cino and Nicolo Bragagnolo.

Till this time you must be jumping on your place to know how much it costs. Well, many components in the bikes are hand crafted and has been priced to be sold at 10,000Euroes to the public.

We are absolutely in love with these bikes, do let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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on 2016-02-01 01:41:09

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