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Scoop - is the Pulsar 400SS coming by March-April 2015?

Snapshot: Will they, Wont they? The Eternal dilemma Bajaj has put us all into!

Rajiv Bajaj, the head honcho at the realms of Bajaj Auto is a superstar in his own rights. Whenever he appears for an interview for the media , the entire motorcycling community of the country waits, listens and when it over scrutinize every single word he has said, and why not the stature Bajaj Auto has earned through its absolute dedication for innovation deserves all this attention.

Now, In a recent interview with CNBC-TV18/Moneycontrol, Rajiv Bajaj said, “The second comment I would make and the last one on this issue is that we ourselves, as I told you the last time, have some big launches for the Pulsar. The bigger motorcycle that we showed at the auto expo and those are due for March and April as I was just telling. So, I would like to believe that we can at least hold on to this 45 percent market share that we have reached now.”

He confirms that there will be 4 new motorcycles launches between January and April 2015 to take their market share from the current 18 odd percent to 22 percent in the coming months. However, one of his comments from the interview has caught the fancy of every single motorcycle lover in the country, incuding us too. He said " …have some big launches for the Pulsar. The bigger motorcycle that we showed at the auto expo and those are due for March and April…"

Now, this is just too awesome of an interesting addition to an already tempting and confusing situation! We are sure, that you all remember that at the Auto Expo, apart from the dual-tone Pulsars and the regular Discovers, Bajaj unveiled the Pulsar 400SS and Pulsar 400CS. It must be remembered that Bajaj did NOT showcase the smaller Pulsar 200SS at the Auto Expo in India and in fact, it has not really revealed it in India anywhere till now.

Though the chances of if it being the 400CS (which stands for Cruiser Sports) since there has not been a single test mule that has been caught testing till now and we doubt it leaves any place for the CS to arrive before 2016. On the other hand Pulsar 400SS is a possibility since tons of spy pictures have surfaced of bikes which either were Pulsar 200SS or the bigger Pulsar 400SS, since both of them look very similar.

So, does that mean, from the term ‘bigger motorcycle…at the auto expo‘ Rajiv Bajaj meant that Bajaj is planning to launch either the Pulsar 400SS or Pulsar 400CS this early? Hang on with us, as we try to find to minor details of this news.

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