Scoop - Royal Enfield Adventure Tourer is Coming!

Scoop - Royal Enfield Adventure Tourer is Coming!

Snapshot: Royal Enfield bringing new 385cc engines in an 'Adventure Tourer' model

Royal Enfield is doing really well these days, ever since the first of the new engines came out christened “UCE’ (Unit Construction Engine), as successors of the much loved but maintenance disaster LB Engines. These new engines came out in 2009 and instead of the traditional Royal Enfield engines with brakes on the left and Gear Shift on the right; they had a much more comfortable conventional brake and gear lever positioning.

Further, the new engines were easier to maintain as there were less cycle parts and only one grade of oil was needed for the entire engine. This created motorcycles, especially the Classic Series, way more economical and comfortable to run for the customers. Since then, Royal Enfield has been growing leaps and bounds with an astonishing rate year on year.

Last year on November 27, 2013, Royal Enfield came out with their Latest offering - Continental GT, and it was their fastest, most powerful, and the lightest model until date. It was also their first grounds up design in more than 50 years.  Royal Enfield has finally understood to branch out to more niche and globally acceptable model ranges it seemed.

Confirming the newfound zeal to make a bigger, larger mark on the world motorcycling map, Royal Enfield, as we have found out from our sources, is working on a new 385cc engine, which will be an upgrade to the existing 350cc model range. It is unclear right now; if the older 350cc version will go out once the new engine comes out, probably around June 2015.

However, what we are sure of right now is that Royal Enfield will indeed offer this new 385cc engine in an all-new model. Moreover, if the rumour is to be believed, it is going to be an Adventure Tourer Model, much on the lines of the products like Triumph Tiger, and the BMW GS series.

Having an Adventure Tourer in the portfolio seems like a logical move for Royal Enfield, since a huge customer base for Royal Enfield comes from the segment of riders who like to take long rides to mostly uncharted lands. The Engine Architecture of the Royal Enfield’s also suits this kind of an Adventure Tourer with the ample torque that is available throughout the rev range from the long stroke design. We firmly believe that it will be launched before the touring season begins next year mid.

The famous ‘TRIP’ tagline from Royal Enfield it seems is about to get even more committed soon.

Stay tuned for more updates on the under development Adventure Tourer!


on 2014-10-18 12:11:42

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