SHARK's Vancore helmet at Rs. 22,500

SHARK's Vancore helmet at Rs. 22,500

Snapshot: SHARK's latest helmet, Vancore, weighs 1250 grams and features a pocket for SHARK’s Bluetooth communication system. It features quick-release goggles with several colour options for the lenses

SHARK Helmets, the French premium-helmet-manufacturer, has made a latest addition to its extensive 2014 helmet line-up. Called the Vancore, this new helmet follows the path of the popular urban helmet, the RAW, that was released in the market by the company in 2013.

The new model retains the same shell-shape as the RAW as well as its aggressive outlook but the Vancore's distinguishing feature is the fixed chin-bar - indispensable for riders wholook for full-faced protection. The chin-bar is tastefully desgined and the quick-release goggles complete the Vancore's urban look. The new helmet comes with several colour options for the goggles and lenses to customise your Vancore according to your preference.

The interior of  the Vancore has been designed to accommodate glasses with a hassle-free fit; the glasses sit in a recessed partition of the interior lining with the SHARK Easy Fit System. That should avoid the glasses pushing against your forehead during high speed runs.

The Vancore weighs in at 1250 grams and comes with a pocket for SHARK’s Bluetooth communication system - SHARKTooth. A large air inlet at the helmet ensures good ventilation. This helmet is priced internationally for the equivalent of Rs. 22,500 and the good news is that the helmet manufacturer is contemplating coming to India soon. 

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on 2014-04-24 06:01:44

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