Slow Tuesday Remedy: Video - when next in Portugal , Race!!

Slow Tuesday Remedy: Video - when next in Portugal , Race!!

Snapshot: Here is how to deal with Slow Winter Tuesdays!!!

Winters have arrived, and if you happen to live on the northern part of this fair country of ours, you possibly would have started feeling the chill of the air, fog in the morning and well, days which happen to be shortening like the sun god is going for hibernation. Add to all this, if you have troubles waking up on time in the morning like yours truly, then the first half of the office generally goes in counting yawns and a few million litres of coffee (we certainly have lost count).

To bring about some fast paced adrenaline rush to your semi-active semi-sleepy system, as you wonder where all your energy has gone, let us tell you the best way to do Portugal, at Portugal! 

Imagine going up stairs, through cobblestone streets, over narrow wooden bridges resting atop rivers – all with spectators close enough to reach out and give a high five or a little help up the stairs. Oh yes! we forgot to mention one tiny little detail. You do all that while racing on Enduro Bikes. 

This thing is called and no prizes for guessing it, Extreme Enduro, you can think of it as your typical Endurocross hardcore race, except for the fact that it happens in the middle of the city. Yes! stuff that can make certain Jason Bourne happy, very very happy.

It’s an intense bit of racing off course it is, as this clip will show you. In it, we ride along with Ben Hemingway as he goes head-to-head with Andreas Lettenbichler. The best part? They’re racing through the streets of Portugal! 

Yes, WE DO NOT recommend any one among you (or us) to go out and do stuff like this, these are professionals with years of experience in riding Endurocross (and trust us, breaking a few bones). Please keep an eye on of your own saftey as well as that of other road users while riding on road, and always wear proper riding gear whenever you go out on 2 wheels. 

Stay safe and enjoy the video. Do let us know how you find it in the comment section below.

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