Spied - First Images of what is the First BMW-TVS JV Bike

Spied - First Images of what is the  First BMW-TVS JV Bike

Snapshot: Here it is, the first ever spy shots of what is known as the K03, TVS-BMW JV's first bike

This name or rather a code name, TVS-BMW K03 is going to be used throughout the automotive web for some time to come, and it would be better if we remember this code name as the name that has the potential to change the way Indian Motorcycle manufacturers and Industry is talked about in the world, forever. The inherent brilliance of the idea where BMW-TVS joined hands to create sub-500cc motorcycles and manufacture them in India is such magnificent that, from the day it was declared almost two years ago, the automotive world is desperately waiting to see this Indo-German wedding's first offspring.

Just a few days ago, we reported how a few parts for the prototype machine 'K03' were imported for testing in India, and now what we have here,  are the first ever pictures of what is going to a be a motorcycle that holds on its shoulders, immense expectations and responsibility to make the competition run for cover.

After almost two years of absolute silence from the two partners known for their ability to keep their cards close to their hearts, finally we have been able to see the first glimpse of what is cooking, and by what we see, the feast will be delicious. Resembling with the stunning Draken Concept TVS showed at the 2014 AutoExpo and more importantly it resembles a great deal more with the gorgeous brutal and minimalistic lookingRoadster concept BMW showed in 2014.

From what we know, this TVS-BMW bike will get a single-cylinder engine with an incline to it as against the vertical, as it helps in keeping most of the weight close to the bike's centre of gravity, thereby improving handling. The single headlamp has a similar design to that of the Draken, while the tank seems to be inspired more from the Roadster concept from BMW Motorrad. The slim rear also gets its inspiration from the Roadster concept, though, we also could see a wider pillion seat than what the Roaster concept had. The radiator is unusually large for a 300cc motorcycle and before we see more data we would stay away from quoting the capcity of the sible cyclinder units that powers the K03.

The side mounted exhaust too looks oversized against the overall proportions of the bike, and might just be one of the first design ideas for the exhaust since these a first images and a lot of work might go into the bike before the final production ready design is signed off. Bolts hanging under the engine hint at a belly pan fixture with a large rear sprocket gesturing at a nippy street fighter. Though we are certain that there is no projector light in the front as against as what is being made out of it at other websites.

There's plenty of alloy used on the sleek wheels, steering clamps, footrests and their mounts, and the rear swingarm. The bike gets a pair of sturdy, fat upside down telescopic front forks in addition to the monoshock. As against the Draken concept's horizontally mounted monoshock, the rear monoshock on the spied bike is more conventionally mounted close to the swingarm pivot section. The significant differentiating factor that TVS and BMW will be clever in giving its bike is comfort, something that the aggressive, 'ready-to-race' KTMs aren't engineered to offer.

The TVS Draken X21 Concept Shown at the AutoExpo 2014

The BMW Motorrad Roadster Concept 2014

The TVS-BMW street bike also includes meaty radial and tubeless tyres front and rear. Thanks to information gathered by Visor Down sources, is that this could become a platform for even more exciting bike projects - a mini GS adventure bike and perhaps even a faired up sportsbike in the time to come. According to Visor Down sources, this could also become a platform for even more exciting bike projects, a mini GS adventure bike and perhaps even a faired-up sportsbike in due time. 

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