Spied - Honda CBR650F made an Outing at BIC, Launching this July

Spied - Honda CBR650F made an Outing at BIC, Launching this July

Snapshot: CBR650F was spied while shooting for an advert at BIC!!

The Honda CBR650F has been a centre of discussion for a various reasons, first Honda announcing that after being inspired by our PM's 'Make in India' campaign they are looking forward to manufacture the CBR650F in India at one of their facility in the country. However, it did not take long before it came to light that, initially the CBR7650F will only have a rather disappointing 5% localization when launched in India, that meant the bike would come in as CKD and that, against, an expected price of around 5-5.5 lakhs to compete with the likes of Kawasaki Ninja 650r and the Hyosung GT650r.

Now our friends at Motorbeam have captured a Honda CBR650F at the Budhh International Circuit in what seems to be was a promotional ad shoot. Showed first time in India at the AutoExpo 2014, the CBR650F  will go under assembly with the declared 5%localisation at Honda's Manesar plant this July. It is expected to arrive with a price tag of around 7 lakhs Ex-Showroom, making this middleweight tourer a rather premium offering to a segment that has established products like the nIja 650r and the Hyosung GT650r as well as the recently launched Bene;lli's with more or less similar performance figures and equipment levels and at a much cheaper price point.

Honda plans to retail the CBR650F from select 20 stores in India keeping the premium value of the bike in mind. on the engine specification front, the CBR650F has an In-Line 4 cylinder 649cc engine that produces 87bhp and 63Nm torque while a 6 speed tranny does the job of transmission. However, as a bragging right, the CBR650F will get ABS above its competition to show off its premium-ness.  

Source - MotorBeam

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