Spied: Husqvarna's Cafe Racer based on 701!

Spied: Husqvarna's Cafe Racer based on 701!

Snapshot: is this a cafe racer or a hardcore street bike, whatever it is, We like it already....

Ever since KTM bought the Swedish company, Husqvarna has shown robust growth in sales and for the first time in years Husqy seems to be on a growth path after long bad run in financials. With the parent company too rapidly expanding its product and market base, it is no wonder that Husqy will also benefit from the incredible growth KTM has been witnessing globally.

Our friends at Asphalt&Rubber have landed with a set of spy photos of what seems to be an all new Husqy based on its 701 (a bike that is essentially the Husqy version of the KTM Duke 690). As per the report on A&R, the person who has sent them the photograph is calling the bike “Husqvarna 701 café racer”, expected to arrive as a part of the 2016 Husqvarna line-up not much is known about the bike at present.

From the looks of the photographs, the bike features clip on handle bars, a short seat height, the exhaust is placed under body, signalling mass centralization and should trnslate into brilliant handling, the engine should be from the KTM 690 which is a 70bhp thumper famous for the things it is capable of doing, also the bike wears a lovely looking trellis frame. Given KTM's penchant of creating hooligan performers in feather light body's, we expect this Husqy to be of the same cadre.

Husqy has been doing a good job in recent times of giving their own flair to existing KTM line up, by adding new design, better suspension and a few added features to give a boost in performance. We are expecting the bike to be showcased at EICMA 2015 , the famous motorcycle show is scheduled to be organized  in November 2015.

Let us know, what do you think about this little Husky and also if you would like to see KTM-Bajaj bring Husqvarna to India... We want it definitely, What about you?

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Courtesy: Asphalt&Rubber

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