Spied - KTM Ditches the Trellis in the new 690 Enduro R!!

Spied - KTM Ditches the Trellis in the new 690 Enduro R!!

Snapshot: will the biggest Enduro from KTM lose its Trellis for 2016?

A brand famously known for its historic victories on the motocross and Enduro classes throughout the globe, the multiple times winning power house at the world toughest race, the Dakar Rally, there is nothing small about this little Austrian company. Known for its single minded approach to create motorcycles that are solely made for a definitive purpose in mind, KTM is a company of a very intelligent management which knows its customers like no other and add to that the incredibly talented engineering department and KTM becomes a global force in the motorcycle Industry.

KTM's are world leaders when it comes to building top class enduro motorcycles, a field which is their proving ground since ages, no other company does enduro's better than these Austrians. KTM has in its portfolio a collection of full-on dirt-bikes with engine capacities ranging from 150 cc to 690 cc with 200 cc, 250 cc, 300 cc, 350 cc, 450 cc, and 500 cc engines, while even having the super fun 2-Strokes in the mix as well.

The biggest Enduro in the KTM range, the 690R, is getting a substantial makeover this time. The 2015 690 Enduro R has already been listed in on the company website, so the spy pics coming from the good folks at Visor Down has to be of the 2016 model. The first change which came to our notice was that of the exhaust system layout. The exhaust has now been routed to the right side of the motorcycle as against the left side layout in the present version. The frame is no longer the familiar trellis but a completely new tubular steel chassis which sees the engine as a stressed member. The current bike puts out around 66 horses from its single cylinder 690 cc liquid-cooled engine, and that figure might get raised to around 70bhp.


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on 2014-12-09 02:43:44

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