Spied - One More Picture of the BMW-TVS Bike

Spied - One More Picture of the BMW-TVS Bike

Snapshot: We have another spy shot of the eagerly awaited BMW-TVS bike....

Remember we told you a few days back, name or rather a code name, TVS-BMW K03 is going to be used throughout the automotive web for some time to come. Also, a few days before that, we reported that we had the first ever pictures of what is going to a be a motorcycle that holds on its shoulders, immense expectations and responsibility to make the competition run for cover. From what we know, this TVS-BMW bike will get a single-cylinder engine with an incline to it as against the vertical, as it helps in keeping most of the weight close to the bike's centre of gravity, thereby improving handling. This news also comes aroung the time when TVS Confirmed launch of a High-Power Premium bike, proving that there will most probably be a double sided on slaught in the indian market by BMW-TVS alliance.

The single headlamp has a similar design to that of the Draken, while the tank seems to be inspired more from the Roadster concept from BMW Motorrad. The slim rear also gets its inspiration from the Roadster concept, though, we also could see a wider pillion seat than what the Roaster concept had. The radiator is unusually large for a 300cc motorcycle and before we see more data we would stay away from quoting the capacity of the single cyclinder units that powers the K03.

Back then we reported 2 photos of the bike that were spied, now we have got hold of an another spy shot of the bike that is going to be a point of discussions for a long time to come. The latest photos of the test mule has been snapped and shared by Motorcycle.com which showcases the side profile of the bike, and it looks a lot like the Draken concept from the AutoExpo 2014, However, the rear panels being considerably thin as compared to the Draken X21 and more similar to the BMW Roadster concept from 2014.

This K03 test mule doesn’t carry all the body parts and there is the presence of a huge exhaust, disc brakes upfront and at the rear (possibly petal-shaped), low-profile wide tyres, tank extensions and some test equipment which is strapped to the pillion seat. There is an additional circular mounting very close to the rider’s knees which may be for the BMW’s logo. The bike has been designed to match the KTM's Baby Hooligan, the Duke 390 and looking at the side profile of this BMW-TVS bike, we reckon the designers have taken a few leafs out of the KTM design philosophy, however, this picture does show a bike which seems to have a more pronounced front heavy feel as compared to the  Duke.

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