Stunning Cafe Racer Build of HD 883 by BCR

Stunning Cafe Racer Build of HD 883 by BCR

Snapshot: Have a look at this stunning Scrambler take on HD 883!!!

The Harley Davidson 883 is a beautiful bike in its stock form and just like the other Harley's it is also famous on the custom market for mods of all sorts. Scrambler designs have been at the forefront of custom builders favourite body types since long now and ever since Ducati came out with the Scrambler and kick started what has become a season of Scrambler's produced by factories, with Triumph already present in the market and Moto Guzzi coming out with a  kit to convert the V7 into a scramber, it is just the beginning of what should be followed by other manufacturers soon.

Harley Davidson isnt exactly a company that may be entering this Scrambler segment but its bikes are favourites among builders to create scramblers out of the iconic v twin Harleys. The latest is Benjie Flipprboi of BCR, with this heavily modified 1999 Harley 883 called ‘American Scrambler.’ “For years we had an old 883 in the shop,” says Benjie, who works out of Edison, New Jersey. “It was a small, beat-up bike with a chromed-out engine and mismatched wheels. For a long time, we didn’t know what to do with it.” Benjie considered turning the 883 into a bobber or a cafe racer. “But we build bikes to stand out and be ridden hard. So we decided to turn the old cruiser into a bike that could be ridden everywhere.” And here we have it: the ready-for-adventure ‘American Scrambler.’ The first step was to get rid of the cruiser ergonomics—the high front end and low seat. On went a set of late ‘90s Suzuki GSX1000 forks to lower the front. “We kept the Harley front hub but machined a new front axle and an adapter to accommodate the GSX’s double disc brakes,” says Benjie.

With adventure in his veins and his eyes on the horizon, a beautiful sculpted tank and an all-purpose road kit. So he designed a detachable leather bag that matches the cowhide leather of the seat. There’s even a protective aluminium plate to help keep the bag clean during the scrambler’s muddy future ventures. BCR’s ‘American Scrambler’ is both functional and fun. Unlike most Harleys, this 883 can handle a stretch of hard-packed dirt as well as ribbons of asphalt. 

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