Super Cool Gujarat Police get 6 new Customized Harley Davidson Street 750!

Super Cool Gujarat Police get 6 new Customized Harley Davidson Street 750!

Snapshot: The awesome cops at Gujarat Police are set to cool down criminals and Summers with their new Harley's!!!

The super cool Gujarat Police Department has done it again! Yup, they have got a new allotment of 6 spanking new, tastefully customized Harley Davidson Street 750 motorcycles to keep crime at bay and awesomeness close to the uniform. The new set of specially customized for the Gujarat Police were delivered to the law keeping authorities by Nine Bridges, Harley’s dealership in Ahmedabad.

Aimed to facilitate the quick response team, these Harleys should provide a comparatively faster response, also supposed to be doing duty for escorting of senior ministers and visiting dignitaries and emergency response as part of a natural disaster response team, might also be other duties the bikes will be given. However, not saying anything  regarding the choice of bikes, but we recommend they should look into motorcycles a bit more versatile, such as the Triumph Tiger 800 XC so that they get bikes that can deal with varied terrains at the same time. That said, we hugely respect the decision to get faster and bigger bikes to deal with time constraints in delicate situations as we firmly believe that our law and order departments should get the most advanced tools to help them continue the splendid job they do.

Understandably the bikes have undergone some nifty mods to suit our cops and they include a large windscreen, a chrome crash guard with an attached siren and beacons, a pillion backrest and two panniers at the rear. Explaining why the Harley was chosen over others, Pranav Nanda, Dealer Principal, Nine Bridges Harley-Davidson said, “We are proud to add these Harley-Davidson Street 750 motorcycles to the Gujarat Police arsenal. The Street 750 not only addresses the police department’s need of a performance motorcycle in challenging situations but also provides great confidence and manoeuvrability in urban conditions.”

Now if only Gujarat Police goes ahead with authentic Police Uniform inspired Riding gear to promote safety as well!! Hope they are listening!!

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on 2015-05-28 01:35:58

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