Superprestigio - Results from the indoor Dirt Track Race!!

Superprestigio - Results from the indoor Dirt Track Race!!

Snapshot: Another Day, Another Race and Marc Marquez wins another Race!!!

Superprestigio was a huge hit when it was organised in January earlier this year, the Indoor Dirt Track event saw the best riders from all over the world participate and fight it out for the win. There were, Flat Track riders, Moto GP riders, Superbike riders and it was a shoe of delight.

On 13th December, 2014 the second Superprestigio was held and was a even bigger hit. Like it has been all year round. Marc Marquez has ended the year on a win, beating the reigning AMA Flat Track champion Jared Mees in a thrilling final. The two men got caught up in traffic when Thomas Chareyre, who got the jump at the start, forced them wide. That gave the lead to Kenny Noyes and Gerard Ribalta, but Marquez and Mees soon chased the two down, passing Bailo with ease, Noyes with difficulty. Marquez had gained enough of a cushion to keep Mees at bay, finally getting revenge for his loss to Brad Baker in January this year, at the inaugural event.

Noyes went on to score a respectable 3rd, ahead of Bailo and Ribalta. The 16-year-old British rider Oliver Brindley gave an outstanding account of himself, finishing in 6th, ahead of Bradley Smith, who got caught up in the first lap incident, and Chareyre, who caused it.

Superprestigio - American Challenge to the world!!!


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