Suzuki added GS1000 to the Vintage Parts Program

Suzuki added GS1000 to the Vintage Parts Program

Snapshot: One more addition to the Suzuki Vintage Parts program 'GS 1000'

The Suzuki GS series was Suzuki Motor Corporation's first full range of 4-stroke powered road motorcycles, having previously almost exclusively manufactured 2-stroke machines. The first of the GS Series was the four-cylinder GS750 released alongside the GS400 parallel twin in November 1976. Suzuki's vintage parts program is the program which lists motorcycles whose original parts still available for the bike on their dedicated website under ‘Vintage Parts’ section.

In order to demonstrate in the same, Suzuki built a TL1000 starting from zero to a fully complete built. Addition of GS1000 to the Vintage parts scheme means that nearly 1000 components of the iconic GS1000 will be available online now. Apart from the GS1000 other motorcycles in the Vintage Parts Program are RGV250 VJ21, GT750J-M, GSX-R750F-H, GT250EX and AP50.

Suzuki GB’s Tim Davies said, “The GS1000 is renowned for its classic status and is still desirable today, and we’re delighted to be able to add it to our Vintage Parts program, with so many parts still available. As a result it makes maintaining or restoring one of these iconic machines even easier, with owner’s manuals and other parts booklets available to download for free from the Vintage Parts website too.” 

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