Suzuki Gixxer commences Red Bull Road to Rookies Cup

Suzuki Gixxer commences Red Bull Road to Rookies Cup

Snapshot: Amarnath Rajan took the podium in the Novice category beating Antony Peter by 7/100th of a second.

In a bid to capture the popularity of the motorcycle racing in the country, Suzuki Gixxer Cup introduced the Red Bull Road to Rookies Cup in India at Madras Motor Race Track. The venue played host to an extended 5 day weekend for the Gixxer Cup and Road to Rookies Cup riders, alongside the Indian National Motorcycle Racing Championship 2016.

The Red Bull Road to Rookies Cup is the first of its kind series which provides young and aspiring Indian racers a launchpad to the international racing arena! The first round of the Road to Rookies Cup was held in conjunction with Round 2 of the Suzuki Gixxer Cup, where 8 young riders between the ages of 13 to 16 years participated in 3 races with the elder and more experienced novice riders from the Gixxer Cup.

The action began with an introduction and orientation workshop conducted by Suzuki and Red Bull for the Rookies – theory classes, track ride through, sighting laps and practice sessions interspersed with feedback sessions from Suzuki’s qualified team of racing instructors.

A free practice session for all the rider was conducted on Thursday for all the events– Gixxer Cup Open, Gixxer Cup Novice and the Road to Rookies Cup. While the senior racers got a chance to accustom them to the new and improved braking setup on the race machines, this gave the Rookies some additional time to get accustomed to their race machines for the coming 3 days of incredible racing.

At the first, Sachin Choudhary took the first position ahead of Varoon and Alexander in the Rookies category, while Amarnath Rajan, Antony Peter and Joseph Mathew made up the podium for the Novice category. The Open Race also saw last year’s podium winner Meka Vidhuraj taking the first position from R Rajinikanth and Vishwadev Muraleedharan in a very close fight among 4 other riders.

Race 2 was the perfect opportunity for Sri Lankan Rookie Aaron Gunawardena to display his top form as he started the race from last on the grid (due to a crash in Race 1) and yet finished first with a hairs breadth of just 1/1000th of a second!

Meka crashed out of the Open race, leaving R Rajinikanth to battle with Vivian Gladwin and Vishwadev Muraleedharan for the top 3 positions.

Aaron made it a double by winning Race 3 in the Rookie category from Varoon and Alexander while Amarnath narrowly clinched the first spot from Antony Peter with 3/100th of a second.

The Open race witnessed a comeback from Meka, who started last on the grid and eventually ended 2nd after Vivian Gladwin and just a tenth of a second ahead of Vishwadev.

The results for all 9 races are:

1.      Rookie Race 1

Laps: 4

1st: Sachin Choudhary 9:19.705

2nd: Varoon 9:20.037

3rd: Alexander 09:29.225

Best Lap: Varoon 2:16.892


2.      Novice Race 1

Laps: 4

1st: Amarnath Rajan 9:04.774

2nd: Antony Peter 9:05.213

3rd: Joseph P Mathew 9:06.261

Best Lap: Joseph P Mathew 2:13:281 (100.3 kmph)


3.      Open Race 1

Laps: 6

1st: Meka Vidhuraj 13:28.003

2nd: R Rajinikanth 13:28.145

3rd: Vishwadev Muraleedharan 13:28.614

Best Lap: Vivian Gladwin 2:12:232 (101.1 kmph)


4.      Rookie Race 2

Laps: 4

1st: Aaron Gunawardena 9:05.809

2nd: Varoon 9:23.893

3rd: Alexander 9:29.492

Best Lap: Aaron Gunawarden 2:12:772 (100.7 kmph)


5.      Novice Race 2

Laps: 4

1st: Amarnath Rajan 9:05.810

2nd: Antony Peter 9:05.883

3rd: Peddu Sri Harsha 9:10.865

Best Lap: Amarnath Rajan 2:13.621

6.      Open Race 2

Laps: 6

1st: R Rajinikanth 13:36:688

2nd: Vivian Gladwin 13:37:359

3rd: Vishwadev Muraleedharan 13:39.738

Best Lap: Vivian Gladwin 2:13:204 (100.4 kmph)


7.      Rookie Race 3

Laps: 4

1st: Aaron Gunawardena 9:07.216

2nd: Varoon 9:23.711

3rd: Alexander 9:28.228

Best Lap: Aaron Gunawarden 2:14:348

8.      Novice Race 3

Laps: 4

1st: Amarnath Rajan 9:07.142

2nd: Antony Peter 9:07.172

3rd: C Raj Kumar 9:08:101

Best Lap: Antony Peter 2:13:971 (99.8 kmph)


9.      Open Race 3

Laps: 6

1st: Vivian Gladwin 13:32:558

2nd: Meka Vidhuraj 13:33:316

3rd: Vishwadev Muraleedharan 13:33.408

Best Lap: Vishwadev Muraleedharan 2:13:072 (100.5 kmph)

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