Suzuki Inazuma's price revised, cheaper by Rs 1 lakh

Suzuki Inazuma's price revised, cheaper by Rs 1 lakh

Snapshot: Suzuki had been widely criticised regarding the price tag of over Rs 3 lakhs of its newly launched bike Inazuma

In January, Suzuki had launched its 250cc parallel twin churning 25bhp at the crank. Even though the specifications look very promising, the price tag did not allow the prospective buyers to invest in this not-so-good-looking motorcycle.

It was Suzuki's only competitor in the premium segment which is growing by leaps and bounds in India. In April-May this year, the company produced 11 units, but sold just three. While in the month of May, it produced two units and sold none.

"The price of Inazuma has been realigned by Rs. 1 lakh," Suzuki Motorcycle India Executive Vice President - Sales and Marketing, Atul Gupta told PTI.

Commenting further on the price cut, he said, "There is a lot of demand for the bike but customer feedback said the price is high. So we did it."

The Inazuma, powered by a 250cc 4-stroke engine when launched came with a price tag of Rs 3.10 lakhs, but will now be available at Rs 2,09,369 (ex-showroom Delhi) as per the company's website.

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