Suzuki mini-electric Extrigger could go into production by late 2017

Suzuki mini-electric Extrigger could go into production by late 2017

Snapshot: It was first showcased in Tokyo Motor Show 2013 and chances are it will go into production soon.


Honda launched the Grom in international market back in 2013 and as soon as it was launched it received an over-all heart-warming response from the audience round the globe. After Grom, Kawasaki unleashed the Z125 pro as the answer to the Honda Grom. The only Japanese bike maker which remained out of the table in his category was Suzuki who’s Extrigger concept sadly never made it to production. But according to the latest reports Suzuki is in a mood to revive the Extrigger concept as the Hamamatsu based manufacturer has filed for patents for the mini electric bike in US, China and Europe as well.

The Extrigger is world apart from the mini bike herd because it derives its power from an electric motor not a petrol one. The one showcased at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show had a 0.58kWh battery which was good enough to commute at a maximum of 30km/hr to a full range of 32kms in a single run. But it is obvious that the production version should have much better battery range and top speed in order to compete fiercely against it already established rivals. We expect it to hit the international markets by the end of 2017 and for more news stay tuned to Bikeportal.  

on 2016-06-23 11:09:45

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