Suzuki Motorcycles India rolling out Gixxer Cup, We give them a Big Thumps Up

Suzuki Motorcycles India rolling out Gixxer Cup, We give them a Big Thumps Up

Snapshot: Now racing beckons for Suzuki Motorcycles in India, One-Make Gixxer Cup launching from next month!!!

Trust us when we say this, Suzuki Motorcycles India is redefining its legacy in the country and that too BIG TIME! So incredible has been the turnaround of the Japanese giants endeavour in India it deserves to be talked about in lengths. After waking up from a slump Suzuki has given us what we believe is the most complete 150-180cc segment bike in the country currently, Suzuki went ahead creating a whole new category of sorts with their fully faired Gixxer SF in the power commuter segment.

To top it all, Suzuki Motorcycles India is gearing up to launch a single-make Gixxer Cup, kick starting the legendary Japanese companies entry into Indian motorsports in a series that will commence from next month. Announcing that, the Japanese manufacturer has followed the likes of TVS and Honda in establishing single-make cup series for India, which has been the route of choice for automotive companies in circuit racing so far on both two and four wheels with Volkswagen and Toyota also choosing this option over open competition in existing national racing championships for two and four wheelers.

The series has all the ingredients to make it a hugely followed one, especially the promise of stability and a large percentage of the costs being borne by Suzuki, which is crucial for independent teams and competitors who struggle to find sponsorship in India’s  for motorsports, that is still regarded as 'expensive entertainment' and not a sport, sadly, in our country. Suzuki’s motorsports venture will commence from next month and will conclude in October.

Two consist of two classes, the Gixxer Cup will see the following - ‘Novice’ for beginners and ‘Open’ for more seasoned racers. The grid size will be capped at 20 riders, the racing will be done with race-modified Gixxer SF motorcycles that will race for five rounds of racing, to be held as a support series to the Indian National Motorcycle Racing Championship at the Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore and the Madras Motor Race Track in Chennai. Suzuki will provide crew and pit personnel to support the riders.

The Gixxer Cup is sanctioned by the Federation of Motor Sport Clubs of India and will be organized by the Madras Motor Sports Club.

Source - AutoX

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