Suzuki - No plans for Sub 300cc Bikes and CKD for next 12-18 Months in India

Suzuki  - No plans for Sub 300cc Bikes and CKD for next 12-18 Months in India

Snapshot: Suzuki is not keen in jumping into sub 300cc segment right now, want to stabilize the growth for Gixxer twins!!

Ever since Suzuki started of its own two wheeler division for the Indian market, the going has been a little tough for the Japanese giant. Taking nothing from the products Suzuki has launched in India, infact, they all have been pretty capable machines in their own rights, but sadly only the Suzuki Access showed any movement at the counters. Everything changed for Suzuki when the Gixxer arrived and changed the status quo of the densely fought power commuter segment.

The Gixxer has been a big success for Suzuki in India and has established the brand after a long time it spent being out of contention in the Indian customer mindset. In a discussion with Autocar, Mr. Atul Gupta, Executive Vice President of Suzuki Motorcycles India has said that since the last six plus months of Gixxer’s launch, they have sold about 45,000 motorcycles. Considering the fame Gixxer has garnered among the customers and the automotive media alike, these number should go up soon enough.

Further through his interaction with Autocar, Mr. Atul Gupta has said that Suzuki currently has no plans to foray into the sub 300cc segment and they would like to concentrate on the recently launched Gixxer duo of the Gixxer and the Gixxer SF for atleast next 12 months. Only after that Suzuki will decide upon what future directions they should be taking. At present Suzuki is dedicated towards making sure that the Gixxer brand gets established in the Indian market and any model coming in as the successor or an extension to the brand will have to make sure that it continues such a well performing platform to further growth.

He also said that after Inazuma, there are no plans in near future to utilize the CKD route of other Suzuki motorcycles for India and that this status should remain as it is for next 12-18 months.


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