Suzuki Recursion Concept - More Details come out from Patent Filling's

Suzuki Recursion Concept - More Details come out from Patent Filling's

Snapshot: More patents show what we can expect from the Suzuki's Middleweight turbo-charger efforts!!

Some time ago we told you how Suzuki showed its Recursion Concept in 2013, and how it made a brilliant sense in these times to have a  turbocharged 588cc two-cylinder engine powered motorcycle that was light, looked stunning and made a much more economic sense than to own a full fledged superbike. After that, we also heard that Suzuki had also re-registered the Katana name & logo with both the European and American trademark offices, while the Gamma logo was re-registered in the European Union.

The possibilities of the two news items superimposing each other, and the arrival of a bike more practical and having touring credential with the rebirth of Katana name might just be the production version of the Recursion concept. Our ever so resourceful friends at have landed with more details of the Recursion concept and some of them are talked about below.

The concept Recursion had a 588cc parallel-Twin engine with an intercooler turbo and back in its show form, Suzuki claimed the concept produced 99 hp and a whopping 100Nm of torque while it weighed 174kg. Here are the things we understood from the patent fillings:

Suzuki’s patent fillings shows a design which places the in front of the engine below the radiator. This design uses the  exhaust stream from the header pipes to spin a turbine, which pressurize the air intake, which then flows up into the intercooler located below the front end of the seat.

Having a closer look at the patent fillings, Suzuki might be working on a couple of intercooler designs, the first one is a more basic idea where the intercooler is shaped like a hollow rectangular box but with dividing wall that runs across most of the length, forcing air to flow in a U-shaped path. Heat radiates from the bottom of the intercooler, exiting out towards the rear wheel. While the other design sees and addition of a pipe with a control valve that bypasses the intercooler. This allows more air to enter the engine during rapid acceleration without the intercooler increasing air-flow resistance.

The second patent filling talks more into the positioning of the turbocharger to optimize pipe routing to reduce weight while contributing to a lower center of gravity. Since the turbo is located below the radiator and behind the front wheel, this would mean a proper protective covering would be required to make sure that the rather delicate turbocharger assembly is safely placed into the system. The airbox is located below the engine, reducing the length of piping required to reach the turbo while also lowering the center of gravity.

The new patent also describes the intake ducts on the front of the half-cowl to draw air for cooling the surface of the intercooler, an idea also mentioned in the earlier patent.

One might like to believe that these patent fillings might be a precursor for an imminent arrival of a turbocharged middle weight from Suzuki, however, the chances of this happening seem bleak in near future as the patents look more like a work in progress. What the future might bring is a different thing all together. Tough a semi fairing and the overall concept design from 2013 would suit the rebirth of the Katana name, the twin light semi fairing might just wear a full fairing for the rebirth of the "Gamma". At present it sounds more like a wishful thinking, based on some logic.

Stay with us as we bring you more updates on the same!

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