Suzuki to launch Swish Upgrade in January, 2015, to be More Powerful?

Suzuki to launch Swish Upgrade in January, 2015, to be More Powerful?

Snapshot: The rapidly rising non gear scooter segment needs the companies to be on their feet in upgrading their existing line up, Suzuki might soon do the same with Swish!!

Suzuki's mainstay in India before the beautiful Gixxer came was their line-up of gear less scooters, since none of their offerings in the motorcycle format seems to get much love from the customers. Now we have got news that Suzuki is reportedly working on an update for their flagship Swish, their second 125 cc scooter in the Indian market. Swish has a 110cc lets with it to slug it out i the gearless scooter segment, but it has not been able to bring in the desired volumes, even after being a really good product. The Swish, along with its sibling Access have had a certain ‘cc’ advantage over the 110 cc Activas but now with the launch of the 125 cc Activa, the competition has intensified even in the 125 cc segment.

Powered by a 124 cc engine producing a power output of 8.6bhp at 7,000 rpm and 9.8 Nm of torque at 5,500 rpm, Swish has decent engine figures. Now these figures may not impress you upfront, but on the roads this engine feels to be breathing much easier than its competitors. Hopefully Suzuki will spruce up the output in the update to jazz up the fight. However, in a fast rising field, which by all means the gearless scooter segment in India is, Suzuki needs to be ahead the rest to be in the eyes of its customers all the time.

As per a report on Economic Times, Suzuki is going to make the scooter look more aggressive so that it appeals to the youth. They may even plonk in a front disc brake which will be a first for Suzuki in India. Other than that we may also get tubeless tyres with alloy wheels and a digital instrumentation console. Launch, is expected to be scheduled within this month of January 2015. There has been no word on this yet, but since the Access also shares the same engine and platform, can we expect a minor nip and tuck job for the Access as well? Which might just be the case too.


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