T3 Racing's Project Gemini Models to go on sale from 31st August

T3 Racing's Project Gemini Models to go on sale from 31st August

Snapshot: These models are limited to 50 units for each of the Gemini project bikes.

T3 Racing, the Wrotham based UK racing outfit company has showcased the Gemini Project’s final production models. These Gemini project motorcycles are being offered by T3 Racing in fifty cities around the world. These models are limited to a number of fifty for each of the Gemini Project motorcycles, so not more than a total of 100 units will be made. These beauties are based on 2011 Triumph 1050 Speed Triple but the engine has been modified to produce 160bhp at the rear wheel with increased rev limit.

Apart from the heavily modified engine, these bikes has went through a slew of mechanical as well as cosmetic changes including  modified Showa front forks and yokes,  carbon bodywork, high-performance brakes, Spoke or magnesium wheels and a quick shifter. Apart from this the exhaust assembly has also been modified to favor the looks as well as performance. While the option of choosing from either a megaphone exhaust or a straight out unit is also available for the customers. The original Triumph’s meter console has been modified with an advance touch screen dash board and the models also feature keyless ignition. People can book these beauties starting from the 31st of August. The T3’s official website states, “Once the 100 bikes have been sold these bike will never be repeated”.

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on 2015-08-07 12:56:46

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