Thailand to Manufacture Ducati Scrambler!!!

Thailand to Manufacture Ducati Scrambler!!!

Snapshot: We love the Ducati Scrambler, we simply do.

We love the Ducati Scrambler, we simply do. It looks retro yet quiet modern, its design is simple yet beautifully executed. In short, we are spending sleepless nights waiting for Ducati to arrive officially in India, and bring this baby Duc as soon as possible (right now!! We mean right now).

Now, we have reports coming in which makes all this love of ours for the Scrambler get more intense. The Ducati’s Thailand Facility will be assembling the Ducati Scrambler models which will then be shipped to the world market — a move that comes right after Ducati reached a new contract with its workers and unions, which sees the factory employees working fewer hours at higher wages.

On the corporate side of the equation, this news represents logical business thinking. Frames and engines for the Scrambler will still be built in Ducati’s Borgo Panigale factory, and then will be shipped to Thailand for assembly, along with all the other pieces of the Scrambler. It should be noted that Ducati already outsources many of its parts construction, so the Bologna factory is really only producing the engines and frames, and then assembling the rest of the motorcycle on its assembly line. How much that process then really changes by having Thai workers do the work, rather than Italian workers, is a subject for debate, though we would answer with “not much”.

From a business perspective, this is why the move makes so much sense, and why Ducati can offer the Scrambler at a $8,500 starting price. You pay more for the skilled labor the does the engine and frame construction, you pay less for the unskilled labor that assembles the motorcycle, and then you pass the savings from that process onto the customer.


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on 2014-10-21 03:12:39

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