The 2015 Harley Davidson World Ride has been scheduled for June 27-28

The 2015 Harley Davidson World Ride has been scheduled for June 27-28

Snapshot: COme join HArley OWners throughout the globe for the World Ride!

Ever since its beginning in 2008 as the Million Mile Monday stated by the Harley Owners group, this annual riding event has seen itself becoming the Harley Davidson World Ride in 2012. Closer home, last year Harley-Davidson riders from India clocked a cumulative 1.2 million miles and a total of more than 10 million miles were done globally at the same time, on solo rides, in groups large and small, and through a variety of dealer-led events around the world, united by their shared passion for motorcycling.

For its 2015 edition, the dates are out for Harley Davidson World ride and it has been scheduled for 27-28 June 2015. Based out of a simple idea - Just Ride that expresses the passion that unites motorcycle riders around the world, regardless of age, location, or brand. This leaves the riders across the lengths and breaths of the world to get a chance and ride along with the true blue Harley Davidson riders in all their freedom and hit the open roads with them and celebrate the passion for motorcycling.

For 2015, the event retains its two-day format, but this time around it spares the rebel against the most dreadful of the weekdays, Monday, as it shifts to Saturday and Sunday to get as many as people around the blue planet to come and ride together, and also apparently tkes care of the GDP of the world. the beauty of the ride is that the Ride participants can log their post-ride mileage directly onto the World Ride web site from mobile devices and share their riding stories and photographs on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #HDworldride. Participants can also download a certificate of participation after logging their mileage on the World Ride web site.

So whats stopping you now? come ride along, spread the brotherhood :)

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