The end of the road for Marzocchi, to cease operations by 2015 end!

The end of the road for Marzocchi, to cease operations by 2015 end!

Snapshot: The iconic Italian suspension manufacturer, Marzocchi, to shut shop by the end of 2015!!

An iconic name in the history of motorcycles is about to cease operations by the end of 2015, Marzocchi, the legendary Italian motorcycle and bicycle suspension after years of losses is finally shutting shop. For avid motorcycle lovers Marzocchi has always been among the top spec motorcycle suspension makers, with iconic companies like Ducati, Benelli, Moto Morini, Triumph and many others using their suspension in their products.

The news does not come as a surprise since back in July this year, the reports cam that Marzocchi had decided to let go of its suspension business, now that the owner Tenneco Inc. has declared the ceasing of Marzocchi’s world operations and transfer its motorcycle and bicycle business for clients to new providers, its proves, that all efforts to bring back the Italian suspension brand from red have failed.

Tenneco COO Brian Kesseler, has said regarding the sad news, " We sincerely regret the impact these actions would have on our Tenneco Marzocchi employees, and thank them for their tireless efforts to improve performance and reduce costs.  Unfortunately, it was not enough to overcome continuing market challenges in the two-wheeler business. We are committed to working with our employees’ representatives, and with our customers to make the transition as smooth as possible.”

As per Tenneco Inc. the owner company of Marzocchi, the parent company will save $7 million a year after closing of the suspension manufacturer. It is also said that Tenneco will have to spend around $27 Million just in the process of shutting down of Marzocchi, however, at present it is not clear at what price the  suspension manufacture will fetch in the market.

We look forward to see Marzocchi surviving this financial crisis, stay with us as we bring you more news on the same!

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