The Honda 'True Adventure' Prototype - Are you the Africa Twin?

The Honda 'True Adventure' Prototype - Are you the Africa Twin?

Snapshot: The iconic Japanese motorcycle maker, Honda, came up with the new prototype in the adventure segment at the EICMA 2014, which they called as 'True Adventure', we are wondering if this is the new generation Africa Twin?

Of mighty Honda and the eternal waits for their Africa Twins. Honda is is known to notoriously delay the new models for their Iconic products. Just like the Mythical GP V4 replica, which after an eternal wait did come to the EICMA 2014, but still in its prototype form. 

Same goes for the Africa Twins, we were anticipating that finally this will be the moment when the Africa Twin returns, but what Honda gave us was a prototype which they are calling, "True Adventure". Despite not being a production model, the True Adventure prototype looks ready for prime time, and we got a series of “up-close” photos of the machine.

Most obvious is the bike’s parallel twin engine, which is rumoured to be 1,000cc in displacement. That sizing/weight class seems to jive with the dual front brake discs, which also sports an ABS tone ring. We can expect Honda to have traction control operating off the front and rear wheel speeds as well, and other electronic packages as well.

Less noticeable is the fact that the Africa Twin prototype doesn’t have a clutch lever or gear shifter on it. Whether it's an oversight from Honda, or the sign of a new shifting mechanism from the Japanese manufacturer is up for debate, but it’s an interesting development, for sure.

Check out the photos after the jump, and let us know if you see any other details from the muddied and camouflaged show bike. And Yes, you can drool over the camo colours and the true blue adventure feel these photographs have, we are doing the same.

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