The Mythical Honda RC213V-S comes out in open for the First Time!

The Mythical Honda RC213V-S comes out in open for the First Time!

Snapshot: And the mythical creature arrives!!!!

Finally! After a wait for more than a decade, Honda's mythical V4 racer has shed its mystery veil and come out in the wild to test in the real world. There have been strong rumours coming from many sectors that the RC213V- will finally be unveiled in its production form on June 11th just before the Catalan MotoGP round. As per reports, the bike will be ridden by none other than the legendary Casey Stoner around the Spanish track during the unveil.

In the latest picture that has arrived, Hiroshi Aoyama, HRC's test rider is riding the production spec RC213V-S in its final trim on road. Honda has also showcased the bike at Thailand a week ago, signalling that the June 11th, world unveil might just be true. This means that, come this Thursday, we will finally be able to know in depth the motorcycle that has the potential to change the way we look at niche superbikes forever. We would also be able to understand that if the rumoured price tag of almost 1 Crore (excluding duties) for this bike is a truth or not. To be handmade, the RC213V-S is destined to be an extremely special motorcycle and if the talked about pricing is indeed going to make it a rarest of rare gems of the motorcycling world.

The RC213V-S is a slightly more sedate version of the RC213V-RS, the production racer Honda, that is being ridden by the likes of Nicky Hayden and Jack Miller in MotoGP this year. Expected to be a bit more real world road friendly, one can expect the engine to be a retuned version of the production racer, meaning it will make do without the hi-tech expensive equipment like the pneumatic valves. However, make no mistake, the will share a majority of its design and existence with the bikes that riders like Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa ride, making the RC213V-S a MotoGP bike with Headlights.

The bike, will obviously be a thing that will be a part of dreams for countless riders and will be grabbed by collectors, and probably will face the same fate of other exotics that seldom meet their true wilderness. Nevertheless, the RC213V-S will change the course of madly rare hyperbikes forever and we will keep on updating you regarding the same, so you better stay with us, History is about to change!

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on 2015-06-05 02:33:30

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