The New Bajaj Avenger may arrive coming by July 2015

The New Bajaj Avenger may arrive coming by July 2015

Snapshot: The countries sole proper cruiser is might see and upgrade by July 2015!!

The sole proper cruiser in what we call, the sensible pricing and performance bracket, in India the fabulous Bajaj Avenger has been around from ages now and has its own cult following among the tourer kinds in the country. What started off as a Kawasaki Bajaj Eliminator, later gave birth to the first Bajaj Avenger 180. Over the years Bajaj has been subtly upgrading the avenger and the up gradation has generally been in the engine department as it has been updated from 180 to 200cc and to 220cc when it was last updated way back in 2010. In its present form, the avenger is one formidable mile muncher and a tourer segments favourite. Also the bike has hugely benefitted from the incredible growth Bajaj has taken up in product quality department., and it is an incredible reliable motorcycle to take on long rides through the vastness of our country.

The importance and the following of the Avenger in the market is such that, Bajaj has been selling the same bike since 2010 year on year without any specific update and yet the bike sells a healthy 3000 units per month on average with almost invisible marketing and promotional efforts. Now, reports are coming in that will bring cheer to the prospective Avenger buyers and the cult following the bike has, as the bike is expected to get an update before the end of June, as Rajiv Bajaj, MD of Bajaj Auto, told CNBC-TV18 that the Pune based companies 6 launches in 6 months plan for the year could “possibly” include a new Avenger, alongside the new Pulsars.

While Bajaj did not speak about the motorcycle in depth, the updated version could have aesthetic upgrades as well as engine upgrades. We are expecting that Avenger will get the 200cc engine from the 200NS, however that will not be a downgrade on the power and performance front as there would actually be a significant upgrade in to power output of the cruiser, since the 220 cc engine produces a mere 18.7bhp versus the 23.5bhp of the Pulsar 200 NS. However, expect to see some re-tuning on the engine to suit the cruiser credentials of the Avenger.


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