The Return of The Scooter Lord, the Bajaj Chetak Returns Soon

The Return of The Scooter Lord, the Bajaj Chetak Returns Soon

Snapshot: Time to all happy and Nostalgic as the great lord of scooters in India, the Bajaj Chetak is coming back, Soon!!!!!

For the kids of late 80's and the 90's it was a part of our lives. That visiting the market with our mothers and fathers as they proudly pierced through the laid back and traffic less roads of our small cities of old. The Bajaj Scooters have been and integral part of the countries growth, in fact the Bajaj Chetak can be considered a the 2 wheeler counterpart of the iconic Maruti 800, both vehicles integral to the beauty of our nations growth and those infinite stories of happiness and pride.

No wonder, this news first brought to light by our friends at Autocar India, has made us both, extremely happy as well as a lot more nostalgic about the good old times. Yes, the legendary Bajaj Chetak is returning soon!!!

It is worth to be noted that, Bajaj Auto is India’s most successful two-wheeler player post independence and saying it will not be an exaggeration that Bajaj knows the Indian market inside out. However, the decision by Bajaj of getting out of the scooter business and concentrating on motorcycles only a few years ago, was done on the grounds of the then scenario of the scooter market in the country, but now the times have changed and there has been an explosion in the demand of the gearless scooters like the Indian two-wheeler market hasn't seen ever before.

In this present day and time of the phenomenal growth the scooter segment is seeing, bringing the famous Chetak back is a masterstroke by Bajaj , and event that was always waiting to happen. Rajiv Bajaj has been heard stating that Bajaj Auto could explore and ride the scooter road once again, as and when the market demands. And the market certainly is now ready, with the scooter sales wave outreaching bikes, with no signs of any slowdown.  

Though it is too early to say what the scooter will be like, however, as per AutocarIndia the scooter should be ready in time to show up for the Indian Auto Expo 2016. It is expected that the scooter will highlight a distinctive retro styling, with plenty of the old Chetak seen in its modern and contemporary look. The new Chetak will surely come up with new age suspension, storage and comfort to make sure there are no ace's left in its rivals sleeves. We expect Bajaj will power the new Chetak with a four-stroke, single-cylinder and air-cooled engine, displacing somewhere in the region of 125-150cc, and this time around the Chetak might lose its tradition gears and come with Non gear guise.

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on 2015-04-02 04:24:05

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