The three-cylinder Yamaha R6 is not happening anytime soon

The three-cylinder Yamaha R6 is not happening anytime soon

Snapshot: Rumours have been hovering over the automobile world about a three-cylinder engine from Yamaha, but the papers from the motorcycle manufacturer say otherwise

According to the rumours circulating in the automobile world globally, it was said that Yamaha was working on a three-cylinder engine for its YZF-R6, but the latest documents received by California Air Resources Board (CARB) have smashed this rumour. Emission documents were submitted to CARB by Yamaha for homologation of its YZF-R6 in order to legally sell R6 motorcycles in 2015, and according to those documents, the R6 will keep coming in the inline four-cylinder setup. Which means, the R6 fans will have to manage with the same 123 horsepower that the current R6 delivers.

But these documents do not rule out the possibility of a new engine in some time. In fact, Yamaha has rolled out two new engines recently. The new MT-07 comes with a parallel-twin 689cc engine and the MT-09 has an inline-three engine which has a displacement of 847cc.

We also assume Yamaha to use these two engines on more bikes sometime in the future even though they are not powerful enough as of now keeping in mind the competition. It's kinda tough to make any assumption as of now, but it seems that we will have to live with the same R6 for one more year.

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on 2014-08-29 04:12:37

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