The Triumph 'x' affair, now Limited Edition Rocket X arrives!

The Triumph 'x' affair, now Limited Edition Rocket X arrives!

Snapshot: The worlds largest displacement mass produced bike turns 10 years old!!

Triumph has seriously gone into the thing of bringing special editions of almost all their motorcycles at EICMA 2014, after the 'x' edition Tiger 800 XC, Tiger 800XR, Street Triple R. Now the mighty monster of a bike from the British manufacturer, the Rocket gets the 'x' treatment. 

The Rocket has just turned 10 years old and as the things go in this part of the universe, you only get 10 years old once, and Triumph is going all guns out to celebrate the first decade of their baby (if you can call world’s largest displacement mass produced motorcycle a baby, that is). To commemorate the decade of the Rocket III Triumph has come out with a Limited Edition Rocket X at EICMA.

Only 500 units will be produced – each with a specially numbered billet aluminium name badge. Through consultation with “custom paint specialists 8-Ball,” Triumph settled on a unique paint scheme that features a black base coat and “grinder” silver striping. Prior to painting the bodywork’s bare metal meets a grinding wheel which imparts random textures to the metal. Next, the black coat is added, followed by clear coats of lacquer applied over the course of two days, leaving the tally at six layers of lacquer applied to the parts. Polishing the surfaces adds the crowning touch. 

Following the premium paint, many of the typically chrome-covered components wear black, instead. The instrument cluster is topped with a sporty, black fly-screen. The black wheels receive a hand painted silver stripe for a bit of panache. Highlighting the black treatment will be tasteful side panel badging and machined from billet aluminium Rocket X badges on the oil tank.

Otherwise, the Rocket X is the same as the beefy Rocket III it celebrates. The 12-valve three cylinder engine features a monstrous 101.6 x 94.3 mm bore and stroke and is solidly mounted as a stressed member. The 120 degree firing interval operates through a pair of spark plugs per cylinder. Although the torque effect of the transversely mounted Inline-Triple is minimized by counter-rotating balance input and rear drive shafts, anyone who’s ridden a Rocket III knows that whacking on the throttle at a stop gives ample proof of what’s going on inside the massive engine.

The 'x' bring new flavour to British ADV!!

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on 2014-11-07 11:04:51

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