The two-wheeled off-road beast - Customized Indian Scout

The two-wheeled off-road beast -  Customized Indian Scout

Snapshot: Modified Indian Scout: The looks that appropriately match the deep-roar exhaust.

Polaris purchased Indian Motorcycles brand sometime back. For those not familiar with Polaris should know that it is a major ATVs, snowmobiles and off-road recreational vehicles manufacturer. The Polaris would not have themselves thought of doing what has been done by a French motorcycle dealer – Premium Motorcycles.

Premium motorcycles, with their imagination have given the Indian Scout an extreme makeover. The modified motorcycle despite being easily recognizable as Indian Scout looks extremely dramatic.

The bike uses tyres that resemble the ones that you might have seen on the Willy Jeep. The rear fender of the motorcycle has been chopped and the sides bear tempered glass number plates. Blackened and skinny Arlen Ness exhaust system replaces the fat exhausts. At the front, the old headlight has been replaced by a powerful Heretic LED light. The new Flander handlebars make the rider’s position aggressive. The limited gloss black out (controls, rear shocks and a few parts) lends a nice contrast along with a coat of satin white on the gas tank and rear fender. The overall treatment makes the bike looks very masculine.

The motorcycle’s torquier engine remains as stock and has not been tinkered with. Though the modified exhaust system and other design features does not take anything away, instead, they lend it the sort of go-anywhere looks, and the motorcycle retains its deep-roar exhaust note.

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on 2015-04-21 02:14:44

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