The Yamaha India Quarter Liter Mystery Continues - Now Yamaha R25 spotted in India

The Yamaha India Quarter Liter Mystery Continues - Now Yamaha R25 spotted in India

Snapshot: IS the bike 'Official Yamaha Test bike' or a privately Owned one????? Mysteries Mysteries!!!!

Yamaha is a well aware in the ways to tantalize the rider fraternity of India, and ever since the YZF-R25 and YZF-R3 came into existence Yamaha stable has become an even more  thrilling than ever before. In what is a scintillating conundrum to Yamaha India, Yamaha seems to be still not sure about which bike they should bring to India, the YZF-R25 or its elder sibling, the YZF-R3!

Just 2 days ago, spy shots emerged of what we believed were of the R3 undergoing testing around the Yamaha India plant at Greater Noida, based on the fact that, units of R3 were indeed imported to the country for testing purposes around January 2015. Now our friends at Motoroids have landed with a set of images that show a Diablo Red  Yamaha R25 parked inside what appears to be the workshop of a prominent motorcycle accessory dealer in Delhi. To add to the mystery surrounding this news, the R3 in concern was wearing MRF tyres and that screams aloud the fact that it might just be under test in India just like the R3. Furthermore, the bike seemed to be in a state of a dismantled condition as can be seen in the pictures. However, why a motorcycle which is so dearly awaited and is 'Under Test' officially go to some third party workshop for any job?

Saying that, if it was indeed some accessory shop, it can also mean that this R25 is not an Official test bike, rather a privately owned bike, however, the bike was said to be wearing MRF tyres and as far as we are aware, the Indonesan bikes do not come wearing the MRF rubber, this leaves us confused, looking at the location and the condition this R25 has been captured, we believe there is high possibility that this is a privately owned bike and that the owner might have replaced the tyres (after the stock tyres were consumed in usage, we guess).

Let us know what you think of it!!!  

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on 2015-05-20 12:31:30

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