The ZX-10R Scrambler Concept by Holographic Hammer - Badass-ness Redefined!!

The ZX-10R Scrambler Concept by Holographic Hammer - Badass-ness Redefined!!

Snapshot: Oh! WHAT a beauty she is... and yes absolute bad ass too...

If you are like us and are fans of the good old scrambler designs and one fine day ask an all relevant question to the universe, "How badass a scrambler motorcycle concept can be?" and trust us, the universe or the god of speed himself will say, "haven't you heard of Sylvain Berneron mate?" and if the name doesn't ring a bell to you then let us tell you, Sylvain is the man behind those spectacular Holographic Hammer concepts, Yes those!

We are certain that Sylvain wanted to find out the same thing that we asked on top of this article and he being he, which is being way more talented at renderings and conceptualization than we can ever possibly be, ended up with this! A scrambler concept based on Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R and for the uninitiated, the ZX-10R is probably one of the most bonkers superbikes in the world, so a scrambler based on it is just what the doctor ordered, satans doctor that is.

The build by Holographic Hammer is being carried out for Baru Motor Sport in Indonesia and knowing the calibre of the guys at Holographic Hammer, we are certain it will be another spectacular success for the brand. As it can be seen clearly in the pictures, the idea is simple, long suspension travel, bash plates, and an incredibly large amount of power for the right hand and you are left with a certified 'BADASS' scrambler. We doubt if there could me anything more bonkers and brash and lustfully mean on roads than the concepts in these pictures, but then this is Holographic Hammer and we are certain that they are only getting started!!

Tell us in the comments how you find this concept?

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