Them Electrics - Now Polaris trademarks a Electric Cruiser - Victory Charger

Them Electrics - Now Polaris trademarks a Electric Cruiser - Victory Charger

Snapshot: Now the battery power reaches cruisers....

They are everywhere now, these electric drive two wheelers! yesterday we talked about the Alta Motors Redshift MX, a battery powered MotoCross bike and now today we get a news about this! Trademark applications with the USPTO show that Polaris has registered "Victory Charger" as a mark to be used with “electric motorcycles and structural parts therefor.” The application is a strong hint that we could see an electric cruiser from the Victory brand, which is owned by Polaris, in the coming future.

Polaris, the owners of Victory Motorcycles and Indian Motorcycles has just acquired Brammo’s electric motorcycle business, and plans on building electric motorcycles at the company’s facilities in Spirit Lake, IA. We have heard that Brammo did discuss about an 'eCruiser' in one of its roadmaps. The brand Victory as such has been a pretty forward-thinking brand in the American market as against its sister company from the same group Indian, which handles Polaris direct hit on Harley Davidson heritage based market share.

With Harley-Davidson's Livewire Project gaining great eyeballs in the US market as well as international automotive it makes sense that Polaris would have a response with its Victory brand. With Polaris having a direct tap into Brammo as an R&D company, and the former electric motorcycle manufacturer’s tech already proven on the road, Victory could beat Harley-Davidson to market with an electric model.


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on 2015-02-06 01:11:43

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