There is more to Hayate Story, Suzuki Unveils Hayate EP!

There is more to Hayate Story, Suzuki Unveils Hayate EP!

Snapshot: Suzuki targeting the mass volume market with the Hayate EP. Torquier & More powerful while still being more efficient than the current!

It was not until the brilliant power commuter that is the Suzuki Gixxer was launched, Suzuki's two wheeler market in India did anything significant on the sales charts. However, every motorcycle that Suzuki has launched in India has been a great product, but they were mostly ignored by the Indian masses. But, the things have changed now, and after finding its foot with the stunning and brilliant Gixxer and Gixxer SF Twins, Suzuki is all set to make its mark in the commuter segment too by bringing a higher spec variant of its 110 commuter,  Hayate called the Hayate EP.

 Prices are yet to be declared for the new Hayate EP while once launched, the deliveries will begin before the end of this financial year. Suzuki is counting big on the Hayate EP to bring in big numbers and for the same Suzuki Hayate EP gets a new diamond frame, longer wheelbase, longer seat, 5-step adjustable rear shock absorbers, tubeless tyres and a maintenance-free battery. The model will be made available in three body colours – Pearl Mira Red, Metallic Oort Grey and Glass Sparkle Black.  

The Hayate EP is also set to get what Suzuki calls SEP or Suzuki Eco Performance and this means the bike gets Suzuki Super Sleek Piston, low friction cylinder & piston rings and high-ignition spark plug for reduced friction, enhanced combustion, higher compression ratio, and weight reduction. Powered by the same engine that powers the current Hayate, the Hayate EP gets a 112.8 cc single-cylinder air-cooled SOHC engine that produced a power output of 8.9Ps@7500rpm and a peak torque output of 9.3Nm@5000rpm which are both higher than the current Hayate. However, as per Suzuki, even after the increase in the torque and power outputs, the Hayate EP is still more fuel efficient than the current bike while at the same time providing similar pick up and handling of the present one. 

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