Thirty Two KO3's exported to Germany for further testing

Thirty Two KO3's exported to Germany for further testing

Snapshot: BMW exported thirty two KO3s as its final testing stage comes near

Few days’ back we told you that BMW-TVS’s K03 has been exported to Germany from India as its final testing stage is on the run. Recent Data from an import-export website demonstrates that thirty two more K03’s have been exported recently. From this news we think that BMW is doing every possible testing and run to make sure the product comes out with zero faults. BMW and TVS has together worked on this project from quite some time now and bike would be a mixture of BMW’s engineering and TVS’s cost effective manufacturing capabilities. As the KO3’s are getting exported as a larger rate we hope that we won’t have to wait too long for the final KO3 now. The interesting part is the price mentioned in the import-export data is INR 1.07 which makes less sense.

Though the specifications figures are not out yet, but we hope that the strategic partnership of TVS-BMW would result in a 300cc motorcycle that would be capable of producing around 35bhp. The bike utilizes reverse cylinder design with intake at the front and this type of design is already being used by the Honda’s and Yamaha so BMW will not be the first one to use such a type of design in their motorcycles. The K03 uses up-side down front forks and single monoshock at the rear. ABS will come as standard on this motorcycle. Though the bike will be sold by the name of TVS for some markets and for some other markets BMW badge will be used. When launched in India it will lock horns with Honda CBR300R, Hero HX250R, KTM Duke 390, Kawasaki Z250 and Benelli TNT 300.

KO3’s final fight will be against KTM’s 390 Duke and Benelli’s TNT 300, and it would be very interesting to see how KO3 is priced against these competitors. As it is manufactured here in India only under TVS’s supreme cost effective manufacturing capabilities, we hope that it should fall into a price bracket of INR 2 lakhs to 2.50 lakhs.  

Note: These images used just for news purposes only, KO3 has no resemblence to these images.

Source: Zauba

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