This is what Honda's light Weight SuperSports Machine looks like in Flesh!

This is what Honda's light Weight SuperSports Machine looks like in Flesh!

Snapshot: Oh Boy! We didn’t expect it to be this crazy. This is absolute madness that will eat anything that comes in its way.

Since the day Honda came up with concept images of its light weight supersports machine (which we believe to lay the foundation for the CBR250RR), the whole world went bonkers! And why not, the bike looking absolutely insane and seeing images of it in flesh for the very first time at the Tokyo Motor Show we just can’t stop drooling and imagining what the actual production version will come out to be.

In flesh, the motorcycle looks alluring and way above any of its sub 400cc competitors. The red line of the concept model starts at 14K and extends upto 16K which is ofcourse higher than the current CBR250R and CBR300R. Be it the fuel filler, fender, side panels, chain gaurd and the unified rear tyre hugger, the concept model gets full-on carbon fibre treatment and this is what Honda have to say about it, “An aggressive and urgent design concept: Its long nose and low crouching style generate an aura of speed. Hard, massive surfaces and sharp edges enhance its aggressive feel. Attention to detail in functional components give the Lightweight Super Sports Concept a quality beyond its class, indicating the design direction of Honda’s next generation lightweight super sports models.”

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on 2015-10-28 06:53:50

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