This year, it's 30,000 and counting at Isle Of Man TT

This year, it's 30,000 and counting at Isle Of Man TT

Snapshot: The 2 week long prestigious motorsport event starting from 24th May has resulted in record ferry bookings this year

Considered by the pioneers of F1 and MotoGP as the greatest event in the Motorsport world, the Isle Of Man Tourist Trophy is all set to thrill more number of visitors than ever.

Nestled in the seas between Great Britain and Ireland, is the Isle Of Man - an island that segregates real men from others. And the lack of an airport makes sea the only medium to reach there. In the last 107 years of its existence, the place has earned the reputation of being the most dangerous and respected road race in the world. The 61 km long mountain course needs all super human efforts one can possess not only to win, but also to finish and remain unharmed.

With tourists getting to ride their motorcycles on the same very roads, the TT has gained immense attention from the bike enthusiasts from all over the world. That is evident from the figures released by the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company (IOMSPC). According to the latest figures, 29,519 TT fans are booked on crossings during the fortnight - a rise of 4% than last year. Motorcyclists' bookings are up by 6% to 11,719 whilst the number of cars, vans and trailers has also risen by 5%.

That simply means more number of fans for John McGuiness, Guy Martin, Ian Hutchinson, Cameron Donald, Keith Amor and every one else I missed mentioning here, and also more fervor in the air during the fortnight. 

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