Triumph hints for a new launch on 18th September

Triumph hints for a new launch on 18th September

Snapshot: Triumph is doing extremely good in India with bookings crossing 600 mark.

Exciting news for fellow Triumph fans! Triumph India has sent a mail around teasing for a new launch coming 18th September. In a picture sent, they have mentioned, 'Stay tune, we are adding another member to our family!!' It also mentions '18.09.14, Delhi'. That's pretty dramatic, we guess!

Triumph is doing extremely good in India with bookings crossing 600 mark. That's an impressive figure looking at the appetite of Indian consumers for low cost bikes. With portfolio having more than 10 bikes, Triumph came with a bang in India showcasing their first bikes at Auto Expo 12. Headed by Vimal Sumbly in India, Triumph has a very cult fan following and they swear by the brand name as the Harley's followers do.

It will be interesting to see how this new model will be received in India. The price for this British masterpiece starts at Rs 5.7 lakh(Bonneville) and goes upto 20 lakh(Rocket III). In between sits bikes from all segments including Daytona 675-a sports bike, Tiger-an off roader and 7 other intersting bikes.

In another news, Triumph recently halted their ambitious plan for 250 cc bike for India. In all, 8 dealerships are already functional, catering to various parts of India. Triumph is performing at par Harley Davidson seeing that they have only started their India operation an year ago.

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on 2014-09-11 06:58:08

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