Triumph Imports Rocket X Limited Edition Indicating Launch Soon

Triumph Imports Rocket X Limited Edition Indicating Launch Soon

Snapshot: Triumph India has Imported 15 units of limited edition Rocket X to India indicating that the soon is around the corner

Triumph made their entry in India back in 2013 and since then the British motorcycle manufacturer has received a positive response from India motorcycle market. The entire line-up of the Triumph India has performed out-standing and company has recorded a growth more than their expectations. Recently Triumph India has imported 15 units of the limited edition Rocket X motorcycles through the CKD route. The imports of the exclusive limited edition Rocket X clearly indicates the launch to happen soon and it sure is great news for the motorcycle enthusiasts of India.

To mark the ten year reign of Rocket III, Triumph showcased the Rocket X back in 2014 EICMA Motor Show. Due to its giant 2.3-litre 3-cylinder engine Rocket III is the world’s largest capacity mass production motorcycle. Both the Rocket III and Rocket X carries the same engine that produces a monstrous 231 Nm torque (just for your information this torque is enough to make you feel you are on your way to Mars on this Rocket). Bike gets a new paint job by the paint specialist 8-Ball and now Rocket looks even more mean. Small changes added to the Rocket X includes the fly screen above headlights, spoke black alloy wheels with silver pinstripe, the new exhaust pipe panted totally black and other chrome parts totally blacked out in the new Rocket X. It is expected that the price difference among both the Rockets would not stretch more than INR 1lacks. We cannot wait to hear the launch news of this beauty by Triumph India.

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on 2015-06-02 07:19:24

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