Triumph India clarifies on Specification Debacle!!

Triumph India clarifies on Specification Debacle!!

Snapshot: Triumph India, releases official statement on Indian specifications!

When Triumph announced their model line up in the country at the 2014 Auto Expo, we were greeted by a price hike throughout the model line up as compared to the prices that were declared at the 2012 Auto Expo, which was understandable as the input costs and other stuff had increased. Though, mentioned in asterisks, the specifications till recent back for all the Triumph Motorcycle products in the country were shown of the European Models.

We understand that there have been a tradition to de tune the engine coming to India due to the fuel quality that is available throughout the country. However, Triumph India found itself in some seriously rocky weather when an ARAI document surfaced on the internet which stated that the Triumph Street Triple 675 motorcycle, right from the very first batch, was tuned to put out 58.35 kW or 78.24bhp of power as opposed to 104.7bhp as mentioned on the website and product booklet. That, fellow readers and riders is an heart achingly devastating reduction of 25% in power output, to bring the things to perspective, Triumph India took out one whole Pulsar 200NS power output of the Street Triple. 

It is not just the Street Triple that is suffering the power loss. Almost the entire Triumph Motorcycles product line-up in India gets significantly less power as compared with their European counterparts. For example, the Daytona 675 receives 116 bhp of power and 70Nm of torque for India as opposed to 126 bhp and 74Nm for the European model. The litre class naked roadster Speed Triple receives 125 bhp of power and 105Nm of torque for India as oppose to 133bhp and 111Nm for the Europe specific model and so on. It was bound to raise a lot of eyebrows and it did the same, the internet went ablaze by the news and Triumph India had to come out with an official press release to clarify its position on the matter.

In an official release, Triumph Motorcycle India said, “Triumph Motorcycles India Private Limited would like to clarify that the earlier information on Triumph India website displayed the EU specifications, which was mentioned under the terms and conditions section of our website. The testing processes in India and UK are different, which leads to variations in the calculation of power output in PS. The specifications are now updated on the website and are as per the certification under the ARAI regulations.”

The India-spec products have probably been detuned to meet the emission norms, or possibly to cope with the lower fuel quality, but the underlying issue is that of transparency. The customers would have better appreciated had the company, in some way mentioned the true output figures for India. All that the disclaimer said was that the figures shown were those of Euro Spec motorcycles. 

We are thankful though, Triumph India have updated their website with the exact output figures, which means you now know exactly what you get for your money. Another positive aspect is that the hardware on offer on the Indian models is the same as the Euro spec variants and to Triumph India’s credit the company hasn’t skimped on that aspect. Even in the slightly detuned state, those machines are capable enough to let you have a fantastic riding experience with their power and engineering, especially in the inhibited environs our public roads offer.  

In coming days, we would like to see this instance set an example and make other manufacturers to provide India specific engine specifications to make the system more transparent, throughout the Industry.

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